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11th Annual General Meeting and Reunion 2013

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The 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) & reunion of BZS Praktani will be held on 8-9th December, 2013 at the school campus.

Programme schedule

8th December, 2013 (Sunday):

9 Am: Registration & Renewal

11 AM: Annual General Meeting

Agenda of AGM:

  • Submission of Annual Financial Statement & discussion
  • Proposed activities for next year
  • Miscellaneous

1 PM: Lunch for registered members

5 PM: Cultural Programme

9th December, 2013 (Monday):

9 Am: Flag Hoisting at school ground

5 PM: Lighting of Mangal Pradip at Neemtala

Please contact on the following phone numbers for further details & registration:

Shibnath Chatterjee: 9434585131

Nitai Prasad Ghosh: 9474634457

Annada Shankar Mondal: 9434007992

Niloy Ghosh: 9475984851

Swarup Chowdhury: 94344210458

Please get yourself registered and help us to make this event a success!

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